Ultra Linear BDA - Infill BDA

Infill BDA

The Metstech infill BDA is a low power linear Amplifier designed to provide infill coverage of Voice and Data Networks in remote locations. Typical deployments for the Metstech infill BDA are Blackspots around minesites such as pits, haulage roads, tunnels and offices. The Metstech infill BDA range comes with a MIne Spec enclosure, 240 VDC power, DC Power options and can be mounted on a Mine Spec Solar Skid.

The Metstech infill BDA can have different signal input options with a frequency range from 148 MHz up to 600 MHz and it can be fed Off the Air, by Leaky Feeder cable or by LDF450 coax. There is no need to run costly Fiber when using the Ultra Linear BDA from Metstech.

The output power of the Metstech infill BDA is restricted to -20dBm with a maximum gain of 60dB. 

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