Antennas - Yagi

Yagi Antennas

Looking for LAIRD Yagi antenna products for your TETRA, DMR or P25 Network? Look no further than Control Synergy. We stock a variety of different types of LAIRD Yagi antennas including Yagi Wifi Antennas, Yagi Cellular Antennas, YAGI wireless antennas, YAGI antenna mount and mounting brackets. Our range of LAIRD Yagi antennas ranges from ~$170 through to ~$290.

The LAIRD Gold Series TETRA, DMR or P25 Antenna is designed for Reliable Communications in Rugged and Remote locations. The LAIRD Silver Series TETRA, DMR or P25 Antennas offer the same performance but in a more cost-effective package.

LAIRD Directional Yagi antennas are also available in frequencies from 806 through to 970 MHz. If we don’t stock the LAIRD Yagi antenna that you’re looking for please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to source the exact LAIRD antenna for your project.