Boosting TELSTRA Mobile Signal to FNQ home

9 Apr 2018

The LAIRD PAV-69278PO Outdoor rated 4G Antenna has boosted the Mobile Phone Signal for Vance in FNQ. “Before I installed the LAIRD PAV-69278PO 4G Antenna on my property, I had tried other Antennas but hadn't received any improvement in signal at all,” says Vance. “ Things got so bad that I was driving 4 kilometres down the road just to check my emails.”

That all changed when Vance spoke to the team at Control Synergy. They recommended Vance try the LAIRD PAV-69278PO 4G Outdoor Antenna as a way of improving the Telstra 4G signal into his home. The LAIRD PAV-69278PO has been through all the testing and certifications for the Australian Carriers and is designed to avoid Passive intermodulation (self-interference).  

“The Difference was unbelievable,” says Vance “ From 0 bars to 4 Bars around the home. It is awesome.”

Vance said that it helped that Control Synergy supplied all the necessary accessories with the LAIRD PAV-69278PO Outdoor rated 4G Antenna. “It was really easy to install, mounted it on the roof, pointed it at the nearest Mobile Tower, and plugged it in.”

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