Plug and Play TELSTRA Mobile Signal!

8 Jun 2018

If you are only getting patchy TELSTRA Mobile Signal into your Home, Garage, Shed, or Office you'll love this. The CEL-Fi company have developed a certifed 3G/4G Amplifier that has been tested in the TELSTRA labs for compliance with Australian regulations and if you are a TELSTRA customer you are able to buy as many as you like to improve your coverage where it is currently poor.

How does it work? Simplicitiy itself. 

You take the Directional Antenna provided in the Amplifier Kit and mount that on your building roof somewhere where it can get a clear look at the nearest TELSTRA Tower. If you don't know the direction of your nearest tower, then just click here :

Then you attach another antenna to the Amplifier unit itself which is stting inside your building out of the weather. This second antenna is what  you need to push the improved signal around your building. Power it up with both antennas connected and you will now have up to 20 x more signal than before.   ( Note: There must be some signal to work with at the start of all this. If you are receiving absolutely nothing then we can't really amplify that.) 

All yours for only $998 ex GST ex Freight

30 day moneyback guarantee, so why put up with poor TELSTRA performance any longer? This solution will cover an area approximately 30m x 30m.

Give us a call or send us an email today! 


The Control Synergy Team

(02) 4966 5211


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