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Phoenix Digital Corporation™ is the Global leader in Fiber Optic Communication Networks for the industrial automation market. They manufacture reliable solutions that incorporate Ethernet based smart switch technology giving customers a redundant, fault tolerant communication platform that will enhance any industrial network. Their products deliver increased plant level connectivity of process and power devices to the Connected Enterprise without the complexity of a software based IT solution. With over 300,000 nodes installed in the most demanding environments such as Oil and Gas, Water/ Wastewater, Mining, Power Generation, and Infrastructure we provide industry with the most resilient, robust, high performance Fiber Optic Network system available today.

Fiber Optic Based Communications are ideally suited for industrial automation applications.  They are inherently RF, EMI noise immune and don't require typical noise reduction techniques such as Shielded Cable, Conduit, and Proximity. They can be run at distances of up to 60 miles without repeaters. Phoenix Digital Fiber Optics have built in redundancy that allow for improved application uptime.