Computing - ADV-TREK-753R-QAOE


TREK-753 is a new generation, all-in-one 7" mobile data terminal with touchscreen, with a compact design for commercial vehicles. With an Intel Atom Z510PT/Z520PT processor, the system is high performing with wired connections like Gigabit Ethernet & CAN2.0b with J1939 protocol support; users can also connect to network services using easily with CDMA/ HSDPA/ GPRS/ GPS/ WiFi/ BT options. Focused on the automotive market, TREK-753 is designed with vehicle power which is compliant with ISO7637-2 & SAE J1113, ensuring the system is more stable during engine starts. Die casting and a ruggedized chassis not only provide more capabilities in a wide range of temperatures (-30 ~ 60° C), but TREK-753 is also suitable for harsh environments subject to shock (100 G, 6 ms) and vibration.