Embedded Storage - SD Card

SD Card

Cactus - Cactus Technologies Industrial Grade SD Card is rugged, highly reliable, high endurance flash storage device which adheres to the SD Association SD Card specifications. CACTUS Industrial Grade SD cards are designed with the highest quality SLC NAND for applications which demand data integrity and 100% uptime. The CACTUS SD Card’s small form factor and low pin count make it a great fit for rugged, small embedded storage designs. This product has an optional -45C to 90C extended temperature range version.

ATP - ATP Electronics SD cards are engineered with multiple intelligent featured technologies; for read intensive applications, read disturb protector ( AutoRefresh ) and Autoscan features can drastically reduce the risk of data loss in read-only applications. ATP's SIP ( System-In-Packaging) manufacturing process encapsulates all exposed component for ATP SD cards to operate under industrial temperature(-40C to 85C) .