Laird mobile antennas and accessories are the world standard for reliable, high performance communication parts. Established in-market presence and innovative design techniques, with verified product specifications and a variety of connection options adds to the Laird reputation for rugged reliability in hazardous situations and harsh environments. As the industry leader in mobile antenna products and accessories Laird produces antennas and accessories in a diverse number of styles and configurations. To ensure maxmum reliability antennas and accessories are engineered and manufactured to deliver optimum performance within published specifications in operational critical applications. • Gold plated contact provides the most corrosion resistance and best power transfer over time
• ABS material is injection molded directly around the solid brass inserts for a virtually indestructible load coil housing that will not leak or disassemble
• Stainless steel shock spring or elastomer spring options dampens vibration and will not rust
• O-ring built into the base provides a weather-tight seal with gold push pin contact for best power transfer over time

B-Base Datasheets

UHF Vehicle Antenna B4505CNR

UHF Vehicle Antenna B4505CNR


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