Phantom Series Antennas

Laird’s unique patented Phantom® is a tough low-profile antenna for outdoor or indoor applications. The Phantom antenna’s revolutionary design features an omni-directional radiation and vertical polarization components. This gives the antenna frequency agility, low visibility, and a low angle radiation pattern that is superior to traditional gain antennas in most applications.
The industry standard NMO mounting socket mates with all Laird magnetic, trunk lid, and hole mounts.
The Phantom® patented technology is beneficial when high performance is desired and extreme ruggedness and low profile is required.
– True Field Diversity design ensures uninterrupted transmissions in urban canyons and rural drop off areas
– Phantom® outperforms a 3dB whip in many applications
– U.S. Patent Nos. 5,977,931 – 6,292,156 and 7,209,096





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