JLT VERSO12 Rugged Computer 12"

JLT VERSO12 Rugged Computer 12"
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VERSO™ 12 Rugged Computer

Highest Performance 12" for Heavy-Duty Applications

JLT VERSO 12  are the latest generation highperformance computers from JLT that are specifically developed for use in the harshest environments and for business-critical functions where performance and reliability are of utmost importance. JLT has delivered more than 90,000 computers since its start, and the JLT VERSO series is the latest development of JLT’s successful and well-proven computer platform. With an Intel® Core™ i5 processor and a 64-bit operating system, the JLT computers are ready for the most demanding applications, such as HD video streaming, GEO calculations, and real-time data processing. The VERSO Series is also available with Intel® E3845 quad-core processor. The VERSO series is constructed from the bottom up for maximum reliability and long life in harsh environments, from the hottest to the coldest temperatures. JLT VERSO computers are equipped with:

The latest in LED monitor technology Bright and clear even in direct sunlight.

Virtually unbreakable Touch Screen

VERSO 12 Rugged PCT™ (Projective Capacitive Touch) technology with hardened glass for outstanding resistance to wear and tear reduces disruptive computer downtime. Maximizes workers’ productivity by combining a user experience similar to consumer electronics, yet with support for a wide range of use models including gloves and freezer environments.

Pressure equalization membrane Reliable operation in temperatures from -30° C to +55° C.

Integrated backup battery

Uninterrupted operation during unexpected voltage dips. WLAN/Bluetooth Reliable connection in environments with poor coverage, thanks to custom-designed highly sensitive PIFA (planar inverted-F antenna) technology. Integrated cable strain relief Reliable installation without expensive specialty cables Optional radio and antennas 4G WWAN with GPS support and user-configurable external WLAN and Bluetooth antennas for challenging RF environments.

Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications

 Ports  •  Container Terminals  •  Yard Logistics  •  Mining  •  Oil & Gas  •  Defense  •  Agriculture  •  Forestry  •  Construction  •  Maritime & Offshore

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