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  • adds the capability to connect
    analog and digital IO devices directly to the
    IIoT network through IOEX expansion modules
  • configuration tool adds the ability
    to quickly and easily configure up to 15 IOEX
    modules (up to 180 individual IOs, depending
    on configuration).
  • software implements a REST
    API to allow the customer to easily configure
    applications that control and read IO over
    ethernet using an API.
  • comes standard with the FreeWave
    IQ application environment, so customers can
    create their own on-board smart applications
    to make decisions on the Edge.
  • contains the Z9 radio module,
    making it over-the-air compatible with
    existing ZumLink networks, and implements
    ZumLink network management software.
  • The IO and network configuration tool is
    self-contained on the device and served as a
    web page for remote configuration -- no extra
    software is required.
  • ZumEdge is housed in a DIN-Rail-Mountable
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